Dog Training

Dog Training Myths

Busting The Biggest Dog Training Myths. There’s a lot of conflicting information on the net and also a lot of bullshit. So in this article I want examine the most common misunderstood topics about Dog Training one by one. 1. Dog training takes lots of time Actually this is not true. When you know what […] Read more
Barking Dog

Can you leave your dog at home alone?

Dog at home alone? How many times have you heard the story of a dog owner returning home to find a complete disaster? Holes dug in the garden or in the couch, chewed tables mess and destruction everywhere. Sometimes it’s even worse… you get a notice in your letter box explaining that you have your […] Read more
Dog Training

Using Food Treats in Dogs Training

Using Food Treats. There are many very effective methods to reward good behaviour – food being one of them. Not only does a food treat get your dog’s attention, but it also helps motivate and guide it into performing the action you are asking for and simultaneously rewards it for that action. When training you […] Read more
Health Dog Food

Healthy Foods for Dogs

Foods for Dogs. I know that some foods that are good for us humans (e.g. chocolate) are not good for dogs. Recently I noticed an interesting article on the website I Freaking Love Dogs with a list of many foods that are healthy for dogs and I have re-published it below for your convenience. 19 […] Read more
Health Dog Food

Dog Nutrition Basics

Dog Nutrition. Dogs have nutrition requirements that are somewhat different from those of humans and some food that we like such as chocolate can actually damage the health of our canine friend. I found a good article on this subject on website and I have re-published it below for your convenience. Canine Nutrition Basics […] Read more
Dog Walking

How to Walk Your Dog in The Proper Way

Walk Your Dog Walking is an important activity for dogs and I was happy to find a good article on website about the proper way to walk your dog. I have decided to re-publish it below for your convenience The Proper Way To Walk Your Dog And Its Importance   Most dogs have the […] Read more
Separation Anxiety

How to Stop Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Dog’s Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety is a very stressful behaviour issue that effects a large number  of the dog population, possibly as high as 14%. It is one of the most misunderstood issues with people trying to treat it by interpreting it from a human point of view and failing to see the cause. The […] Read more
Dog Training

Is Your Dog Pulling on the Leash? Learn How to Stop that

Dog Pulling on the Leash. Is your dog pulling you and yanking you down the street? If that’s your situation, I can tell you that there are literally millions of people who have to endure that when they walk with their dog. So why not train once your dog to walk by your side without […] Read more
Dog Obedience Training

Learn How to Train a Dominant Dog

Training a Dominant Dog Have you ever been in a situation where you are out for a walk with your dog,feeling  happily while you go down the street until your heart misses a beat and then sinks because you see another dog coming? It means only one thing. Your lovely but very dominant dog is […] Read more

Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips There are a few real keys to dog training, whether you are trying to train your dog to come when called, sit, stop barking or any other behaviour.    It is critical to understand their importance in order to achieve rapid results that are long lasting and help develop the bond between you […] Read more


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